James Marwood.

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Business Change Consulting

James works with businesses of all kinds to solve problems at the intersection of people, policies, systems and processes.


James is an experienced consultant who has delivered change and improvement programmes across multiple industries and sectors. James has a track record of success in challenging environments, and turning around failing change programmes. He is comfortable supporting and leading change at all levels from CxO to operational teams, and from sole traders to FTSE100 companies. Adept at communicating complex messages and quickly getting to the nub of a problem, James draws on excellent interpersonal skills and an analytical mindset to lead clients through strategy formulation and problem solving to a successful outcome.

Drawing on a strong systems thinking approach, James is comfortable working with Lean, Six Sigma, Quality by Design and other methodologies. He has successfully trained and coached change leads in many organisations in these, imparting the mindset and skills to both use the tools and to understand their limitations.

With a liberal arts background and a rigorously analytical approach James can offer a unique perspective on business improvement and change. Unburdened by the 'Land and expand' requirements of the big consulting dinosaurs, he can create a truly bespoke solution that will help change your business for the better, not build a new dependancy.

Whether you are looking to implement a change of direction in a large organisation, transform the performance of a team or rethink how and why you are working they way you are, James can help.

To enquire about working with James email james@thatmarwoodchap.com or call 07590 422806


James solves problems by looking at the relationship between systems, policies, people and process, and how they relate to the overall environment of your business. Although adept at methodologies like Lean Six Sigma, James does not have a dogmatic attachment to them. Free of the constraints of traditional consulting firms, James is able to choose exactly the right approach for your business, and to work with you and your staff to get this right result.

Thank you, thank you. I was totally stuck and now I know where I am going. I’d have been lost without you!

- Newly appointed change manager in the NHS

You hit the ground running and had us turned around and pointed in the right direction within days. Money well spent!

- HR Director leading a very large shared services transformation

You’re a freak James, I don’t know how you manage to pull so many information strands together into the right shape. I’m impressed.

- Clinical Change Agent in the NHS

James always shows professionalism, dedication, intellect and organisation, never shirking responsibility, always delivering above expectation. James’ knowledge and commitment were inspirational to us all and his pursuit of new best practice methodology led us to where we are today. I was extremely fortunate having someone of James’ character and ability on my team and he is sorely missed.

- Master Black Belt in the Finance Industry


James has built up a strong track record of success over the 13 years he has worked in the field. These are a selection of his key successes: